RoWG – Chapter 28

by Qing Lu

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 28 – Checking the Identity

‘A rogue?’ Lou Xiyan lightly raised his eyebrows. ‘Alright.’ Then, he would let her see what a real rogue was…

Zhuo Qing waited for Lou Xiyan to retort, but who would have thought that suddenly it was dead silent, not even the sound of water rippling could be heard.

Urgh…” Suddenly a muffled sound was heard. It was soft, but was followed by the sound of water splashing.

‘What is going on?’ Zhuo Qing sticked herself to the stone mountain and listened carefully. From the other side, she heard the sound of a weak gasp and the trickle of the spring water. Zhuo Qing wasn’t sure what she heard was real. She hesitated before shouting in a low voice, “Lou Xiyan?”

“I… It’s nothing…” The stammering reply was almost inaudible, but Zhuo Qing still heard it with difficulty. ‘With this kind of voice how can he say, it’s nothing?!’ “Lou Xiyan, how are you?” ‘Could it be another asthma attack?!’

“Lou Xiyan! Lou Xiyan, say something!” Zhuo Qing called a few time, but, for answer, she heard more and more sound of turbid gasps and the trickling of the warm water flow increased Zhuo Qing’s worries. As she remembered his appearance during the onset yesterday, it made her anxious and she loudly shouted, “Blue-eyed! Blue-eyed, where are you?”

“Mo Bai! Mo Bai!!” Inside the hot spring, only her shout echoed. The response she expected didn’t come. On the other side, the heavy gasps became more rushed.

“Damn it!” Mo Bai usually wandered around Lou Xiyan, but, when he was needed, where the hell did he go?! Using the stone mountain as a support, she didn’t consider much anymore. She wanted to go the shore to put her clothes on and, then, she would go and take a look. She only walked a few steps before squinting her eyes and she saw…

…her clothes were gone! She clearly took them off and put them on top of this big stone, but there were nowhere to be seen!

Ah~!” After a painful cry was heard, there was sound of water splashing everywhere…

‘Don’t tell me he drown?! He originally couldn’t breath, but, then, drown…’ She clenched her teeth and used the wet white silk fabric to wrap around her body as she got up. Then, she tiptoed a little. She clearly saw the hot spring pool on the other side of the stone mountain. Half of Lou Xiyan’s body was already submerged in water with a hand on his chest. The other hand was gripping the stone on the shore. Because of difficulty in breathing, his shoulders was violently moving up and down. He was practically half leaning in the pool. Zhuo Qing couldn’t see his face, but could see his breathing is very strained.

“Lou Xiyan!” Zhuo Qing loudly shouted, but Lou Xiyan didn’t respond. Instead, his grip on the stone slowly loosened. Zhuo Qing was greatly alarmed. She barely managed to bind the completely soak white silk fabric around her. She walked across the hot spring, passed by the separation made of stones and arrived on the other side. Then, she ran towards Lou Xiyan.

She supported Lou Xiyan’s shoulder. It seemed like he almost fainted. It scared Zhuo Qing. She lightly patted his face and worriedly said, “Get up! Quickly get up!”

From head to toe, Zhuo Qing was wet. The white silk fabric wrapping around her was also wet and closely sticked to her skin, completely hugging and revealed the curves on her body which was exquisite and delicate. Lou Xiyan only glanced at it and his blood and qi were already raging…

“Help!!” He was very heavy and she simply couldn’t support him up! ‘What to do?!’ Lou Xiyan kept slipping into the water. Zhuo Qing had no other choice, but to go into the pool. With both hands, she encircled his chest and tried to pull him up as she continued to shout for help. “Anyone there? Quickly come to help me!”

If at that time Zhuo Qing carefully looked at Lou Xiyan, she would see that his complexion wasn’t pale. His breathing was hurried, but not erratic. Since she saw his appearance yesterday, Zhuo Qing only have one thought when she saw his slouching body in the water : pull him out of there. She also didn’t took notice of his flushed complexion.

Zhuo Qing held him tightly. Her wet hair fell on his shoulders. Both them were practically stuck together. From time to time her soft chest lightly brushed him. Lou Xiyan’s breathing trembled as his body also became somewhat tensed. This time, his breathing was truly turbid and erratic.

‘Why does his body suddenly burn up like this?!’ Zhuo Qing was deeply afraid for him. She was so nervous that she forgot to breath. While she did everything she could to drag him to the shore, she also appeased him. “Lou Xiyan, it’s alright. Keep take deep breath.”

‘Gawd!’ Once again, she brushed against him. It made him unable to breath!!

“Someone, h-!”

Zhuo Qing’s upper body was above the warm spring water. She kept muster all her strength to drag Lou Xiyan to the shore. Her face and her neck were completely covered with beads of sweat. The skin on the right side of her chest also started to faintly redden. There was a flash in Lou Xiyan’s eyes. He resumed his gasps for breath and lowered his head. His eyes narrowed slightly and closely stared at Zhuo Qing’s exquisite skin. After the skin started to redden, red lines slowly started to appear like wisps of blood and became more and more distinct. Among the red lines, a faintly discernible character slowly emerged…

Lou Xiyan still couldn’t see clearly what character it was. Suddenly, his keen perception detected a movement from the vegetation. A blue figure quickly flew out from there. Lou Xiyan’s expression darkened. One of his hand rested on Zhuo Qing’s waist while the other lifted a dark purple cloak. The cloak flew and fell down on Zhuo Qing, covering her exquisite curves. At the same time it covered her, the character on her chest became clearer.

Zhuo Qing tried very hard to push Lou Xiyan ashore. Suddenly, Lou Xiyan’s body that was very heavy was easily pulled ashore with her strength. They were both lying on their stomach on the crushed stones on the shore. Although their legs were still in the water, more than half the body was out. Zhuo Qing’s body was warm as a dark purple cloak fell on her.

Zhuo Qing was puzzled. How did a cloak fall down on her body? Behind her, the sound of light footsteps echoed. Zhuo Qing turned her head in surprise.

When she clearly saw the person’s appearance, she shouted, “It’s you!” That person was that Qian Jing who caused her to be injured! Was the cloak drape on her his?

When he clearly saw Zhuo Qing’s face, Qian Jing was also startled. “It’s you!” Earlier, he heard someone shouts and went to take a look. ‘It turns out to be her!’

From behind her, there was a ice-cold gaze that was watching him attentively without wavering ever since he had arrived. Qian Jin squinted his eyes to look and saw a handsome and outstanding man who coldly looked straight at him. There was a cold light hidden in his long and narrow eyes. Qian Jing lightly raised an eyebrow. It appeared he had disturbed others’ happy occasion. Inside a hot spring with two people with clothes all wet and holding each other in their embrace, this was indeed lively color bring forth fragrance. Qian Jing clicked his tongue and said with a smile, “This is really romantic, ah~!”

‘Romantic your head!’ When Qian Jing opened his mouth, nothing good came out. Zhuo Qing glared at him and lowly cursed, “Stop saying nonsense!! His old illness relapses. Come here quickly and help me.”

‘Old illness relapses? I see his color rising!’ Both his arms were crossed over his chest as he glanced at the man half lying on the ground. With a lump in his stomach, he asked, “How do you want me to help you?”

“Still asking how to help?! Hold him and support him up.”

‘Support him?!’ That man’s expression was clear and bright. Earlier when he looked at Qian Jing, there was a sinister feeling inside his eyes although he looked very prim and proper. ‘Where does he look like he has a serious illness? He just wants to take advantage of her!’

Qian Jing watched Lou Xiyan attentively for quite a while without moving. Zhuo Qing couldn’t stand it and shouted, “Hurry up!”

Qian Jing waved his hand while the corner of his mouth perked up into a up-to-no-good smile. He answered, “Step aside! You are in the way.”

Zhuo Qing curled her mouth, but didn’t say anything. She tightly wrapped herself in the cloak and retreated back. She just didn’t have any strength.

‘Bah! It’s just supporting him.’ He would help him out… Qian Jing extended his hand and tightly grabbed Lou Xiyan’s arm. At first, he planned to use force to throw Lou Xiyan on the shore. However, right when Qian Jing applied some force, it seemed like the thin and weak Lou Xiyan suddenly slapped away Qian Jing’s wrist with his backhand . The strength was bigger than Qian Jing had anticipate. He lifted his eyes to look and met with a pair of deep and serene eyes.

Lou Xiyan borrowed Qian Jing’s strength to leap backward and they both arrived on the shore together in the end. This pulling and dragging was two men measuring each other strength and, while at it, they also had a staring contest underway as violent as surging undercurrents. It was a pity that Zhuo Qing couldn’t see it at all. She only saw Lou Xiyan was help on the shore by Qian Jing.

She squatted down next to Lou Xiyan and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Lou Xiyan lightly panted and shook his head.

Qian Jing inwardly cursed. ‘This man really knows how to fake.’ Earlier, when he slapped Qian Jing’s wrist away, his face didn’t even reddened nor was he out of breath!

Lou Xiyan was thoroughly drenched. Zhuo Qing turned her head toward Qian Jing who was watching with the cool eye of a bystander. All of a sudden, she said in a soft voice, “You, take off your clothes!”

‘Take off…’ Qian Jing retreated back a step and shout in a low voice, “Why would I want to undress?!”

Zhuo Qing impatiently said in a hurried voice, “Why are you saying so much nonsense? Hurry up!”

He looked at her body only covered by a purple cloak. The cloak was already wet from the water splash and clung to her body closely. Her wet long hair had water drops dripped down. She was half kneeling, her silhouette looking weak and frail. For some unknown reasons, his heart softened. Nevertheless, Qian Jing took off his outer garment and threw it at Zhuo Qing.

Zhuo Qing took his clothes, but didn’t put it on her. Instead, she draped it over Lou Xiyan’s body. He just got out from the hot spring. As the night grew darker, the wind also became slowly stronger. If he caught a cold, it would surely aggravate his respiratory problem. Zhuo Qing completely assessed the problem from a doctor’s point of view. Therefore, she felt that giving the clothes to Lou Xiyan was very normal. However, Qian Jing didn’t understand Zhuo Qing’s way of thinking. He only thought she was simply an idiot! Her clothes was barely covering her body, but she still took his clothes and gave it to a man who clearly harbored evil designs! He truly was crazy to take off his clothes and give it to her!

As Zhuo Qing helped Lou Xiyan to put on the clothes, she finally let out a sigh of relief and asked, “Are you a little better?”

Zhuo Qing’s action not only annoyed Qian Jing, but it also made Lou Xiyan surprised. He didn’t expected her to cover him with the clothes. A strange and warm feeling spread inside his heart. For a moment, he became absent-minded. He recovered his mind when he heard Zhuo Qing inquired about his well-being in a soft voice. He softly answered, “Hm…

“I’ll go call someone.” Zhuo Qing got up, but her wrist was grabbed by a pair of big hands.

“Wear some clothes first.” After Lou Xiyan carefully helped her to put on the cloak properly, he lightly released her wrist.

Zhuo Qing became somewhat stupid. Honestly speaking, Lou Xiyan’s tender manner truly could make people’s heartbeat accelerated. However, his hateful side also could make people’s blood boil in anger! She grabbed the cloak and left without delay. She ran hastily along the small road.

After Zhuo Qing left, the hot spring became strangely silent…

For a very long time, Qian Jing’s phoenix eyes slightly narrowed before he snorted in disdain, “Using such a method to deceive a woman, don’t you feel you’re very despicable?” ‘He looked like an exemplary person, but he’s actually a shameless and despicable man.’

Lou Xiyan still had a smiling expression, but it felt like the smile didn’t have any shred of kindness in it. He coldly sneered and said, “It was just some fun between me and my wife. There’s no need for an outsider to meddle in!” It was better for Qian Jing to not see anything earlier, if it wasn’t the case…

‘Wife?! He’s that ugly woman’s husband?!’ Qian Jing suddenly felt his interference was an enormous stupidity! Why did he want to meddle into her affairs? What did it have to do with him if she get cheat by someone?! What was he getting mad for? Nevertheless, what kind of bad luck was that?! His mind became more and more uneasy from Lou Xiyan cold stare. Qian Jing also bluntly stared back.

The night scenery was hazy from the gentle mist created by the spring. One stood, the other crouched; One was icily arrogant and the other was irritable; Two men were mutually antagonizing each other…

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