RoWG – Chapter 19

by Qing Lu

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 19 – The first time entering the Chancellor’s residence


Inside the carriage, Lou Xiyan and Zhuo Qing were each occupying an area. Going to the Chancellor’s residence was already a foregone conclusion. Zhuo Qing also no longer brought trouble on herself as she accepted the circumstances with good will while chanting passages of “Homeless everywhere, everywhere home”[1]. From the repeating up and down motions of the carriage, Zhuo Qing felt her head was somewhat dizzy and heavy. Fortunately, the carriage can be regard as running smoothly. Propping her head, she casted sidelong glances at Lou Xiyan who was slightly lowering his head to read a book. She didn’t know if this expression was an habit as the corner of his mouth seemed to be always lightly raised. Truthfully, the him who was like this was very good-looking. Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing felt that this wasn’t a real joyful smile, it was more like a professional smile, courteous and distant.

Softly yawning a few times, Zhuo Qing rubbed her eyelids. She was very sleepy.

Zhuo Qing’s breathing gradually became more even. Only then, Lou Xiyan lightly closed his book. His gaze lingered on this strange woman. Just a while ago, none of the words he read entered his head. Under her gaze, he was unexpectedly absent-minded… this change was so strange. He just watched her like this until the carriage came to an halt. Only when Mo Bai’s voice sounded out from outside, did he recovered his spirit.

“Master, we have arrived.”

Mo Bai low call also woke up Zhuo Qing who was resting with her eyes closed. As the curtains parted, Zhuo Qing took the initiative to hop down from the carriage and completely ignored Lou Xiyan who was the host.

Zhuo Qing stood firmly when she reached the ground, immediately, in front of her eyes stood a 56 meters tall by 78 meters wide shocking bronze door. On top of the wide and concise lintel of the door, the two vermilion words for Chancellor’s Mansion was embed on a golden horizontal plaque that hanged right in the middle. On both sides of the entrance, unlike in Zhuo Qing’s imagination, there was no mighty and well-built guardian lions that arrogantly and overbearingly guarded the front of the house. What entered her sight was a garden of mountains of piled up stones that covered all of her view. It also was a representation of the owner’s style. The door opened wide, faintly showing off the dignified atmosphere of an influential family. It made people had an indescribable reverence and not dare to be rash.  

Just when Zhuo Qing stepped across the door, the suntanned Jing Sa came to welcome them. When he saw Zhuo Qing, there was a trace of astonishment flashing through his eyes which disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. He faintly bowed at Lou Xiyan who was behind Zhuo Qing and shouted, “Master.”

Only at this moment when Lou Xiyan arrived, did Zhuo Qing remembered that apparently she shouldn’t charge in like this and must waited for the owner to lead her into his home. She slightly retreated back a step and resigned herself to politely wait for Lou Xiyan to enter.

“Master…” Jing Sa still wanted to say something, but then, a clear and attractive woman’s voice can be heard from a distant. “Elder Brother!” From behind the mountain of stones, a pink figure directly ran towards the entrance. The fluttering of the skirt made it seemed like she was a pink butterfly. Zhuo Qing was very worried in her heart that the woman will stepped on her skirt and fell down on the ground. However, she was only over thinking it as the woman safely clashed onto Lou Xiyan.

Tenderly gazing at the woman, Lou Xiyan practically used a pampering smile, “What are you in such a hurry for?”

“I have wait for you.” The woman raised her head with her rosy lips faintly pouting. She had bright and beautiful big eyes brimming with brilliant lights and vibrants colors that showed her stubbornness and her grievances. She scolded Lou Xiyan in a low grieved and resentful voice, “That Imperial Princess Chao Yun had been waiting for you for half a day. Second Mother urged me to catch you at the door gate. Humph! If you have return, hurry and go to the reception pavilion and served her. If anything, I’m dying from bitterness.!”

What was the big deal with this princess?! What with that sycophant appearance, since when did the members of the Lou family needed to be servile and wait upon anyone?! What a disgrace!

Looking at Xiwu’s appearance, Lou Xiyan roughly knew about the situation that had occurred. He gently patted her shoulder and said with a smile, “You don’t need to say anything. It’s alright, I know. You go and get some rest.”

Lou Xiwu was not resigned and unwilling to leave. Lou Xiyan said to Jing Sa, “Jing Sa, tidy up Zhai Xing pavilion and find some clever servant girls to attend Miss Qing. You also need to invite a doctor to come and examine Miss Qing’s wound.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa’s sword eyebrows slightly wrinkled. His already dark complex became a bit darker.

Lou Xiwu who was already walking away stopped walking. ‘Zhai Xing pavilion? The pavilion that is adjacent to Elder Brother’s House of Lan Yue.’ It could be say there was nothing more beautiful than stargazing there. Therefore, it was named Zhai Xing pavilion[2]. Because her elder brother enjoy tranquility, that house had always been unoccupied. ‘Who can have such a big honor to be able to reside in Zhai Xing pavilion?’

Lou Xiwu curiously turned her head only to see a meager woman leisurely standing on the side. Lou Xiwu asked, “Brother, who is she?”

Lou Xiyan serenely smiled. “Miss Qing from the country of Hao Yue.”

“Qing Feng?! Her?!” Lou Xiwu shouted in bewilderment. This woman was really Qing Feng?! Such disheveled hair that one didn’t know what to do with it. Furthermore, she was dressed in a green garment that even her family’s servants won’t even wear it. Even more, there were two sinister knife scars on her right cheek. This was Qing Feng? That must be a joke! On one hand, Lou Xiwu sized up Zhuo Qing, but on the other hand, she snorted disdainfully at her while reproaching her. “What is the meaning of Hao Yue sending this ugly person here? As expected, the rumors can’t be trusted. To go as far as to say something like the sisters of the Qing family are graceful and can cause the downfall of nations…”

Was she very ugly?! Zhuo Qing lightly stroked her cheek that was no longer painful. Frankly speaking, she still didn’t have the chance to properly look at her face. However, if that young girl thought that this much would be able to provoke her, she was extremely naive.

“Xiwu, who taught you to lack so much discipline?!”

Lou Xiyan’s voice was lower than usual, but it still made Xiwu somewhat scared. However, when she remembered no matter how ugly this woman was, she was still her brother’s woman. Inevitably, she became annoyed, “What I said was the truth. She really is…”

“I’m sorry to bother you.” A cold voice could faintly be heard. Zhuo Qing’s arms were still cross on her chest. With a somewhat impatient smile, she said, “I have no complaint about you two brother and sister reminiscing all you want, but, can you let me go to the guest room first? I’m very tired. As for my appearance, you two can slowly discuss about it after.”

Lou Xiyan stared blankly at her before he snickered. ‘Women usually attach lots of importance to their face, but she is the opposite of it!’ Previously, when he heard Princess Chao Yun came, his mood was somewhat depressed, but, currently, his mood was a bit better. “Jing Sa, bring Miss Qing somewhere to rest.”

“Miss Qing, this way please.”

Facing their smiles, Zhuo Qing indifferently said, “You can continue.”

“You!” Lou Xiwu simply couldn’t stand her indifferent attitude! She was so angry that her eyes opened so wide it could almost fell out.

Zhuo Qing absolutely refused to acknowledge her. She walked pass Lou Xiwu, deeper into the courtyard while minding her own business. Lou Xiyan gave a soft smile as he walked in the other direction, towards the reception hall.

“Hey!” Lou Xiwu watched left and then right. She angrily stomped in place. ‘Elder Brother is clearly discriminately favouring that ugly woman!’ This matter, she would not forget about it! Humph!

[1] 处处无家处处家 is the title of the 12th book of daily records of Master Xing Yun or more known as Master Hsing Yun, a famous buddhist monk who is still alive at this time. It’s a book brimming of buddhist philosophy. I haven’t read the content of the book so I can’t really explain why she chose this book in particularly and what the exact meaning behind the title. Although, it’s possible to guess from the mention of home and homeless. For more details on the book, click here and here.

[2] 摘星阁 (zhāi xīng ), if it was literally translated, it would be Picking the Stars pavilion. If your soul is poetic enough, you can imagine how beautiful the night sky would be there.

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