RoWG – Chapter 13

by Qing Lu

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 13 – Autopsy (3)

‘Evidences?’ Zhuo Qing coldly smiled and suddenly got up. “I’m letting him tell you where the evidences are!”

‘Him?’ Everyone followed Zhuo Qing’s eyes that were looking at the already dead Lin Bokang lying on the ground. he was obviously a corpse. How could he tell them where the evidences are?! Every one of them failed to suck in a mouthful of cold air and couldn’t help but retreat a step back, except for the serene Lou Xiyan.

“First, the cause of death of the deceased.” Zhuo Qing pointed at the corpse’s neck. From then, she clearly described, “Hold his neck and lift it up.”

He was still acting like he was a servant! In Mo Bai’s heart, he was secretly feeling apprehensive. However, his hand couldn’t help but moved like Zhuo Qing instructed. He easily supported Lin Bokang’s neck and lifted it. On the neck there was a crease that seemed to be from being tied. The ligature mark was also distinctively seen on the neck.

“On the deceased’s body, there wasn’t any others distinctive mortal injuries and no sign of poisoning. The signs of suffocation are clear. The cause of death is confirmed to be the belt coiling around the neck and suffocating him to death.” Zhuo Qing barely said that sentence that Wu Bingsheng lightly laughed. There wasn’t much difference with what he had say earlier. ‘He’s making the situation unnecessarily complicated!”

Zhuo Qing didn’t argue with him. She squatted down and pointed at the ligature mark on the deceased’s neck. She coldly said, “The deceased has two ligature marks. People who hanged themselves and died can also have two ligature marks. The fringes of the ligature marks are generally more even. Moreover, the bones of the tongue and throat rarely suffer a fracture. Yet, the deceased had two marks that are completely unlike the usual. One mark is situated under the cartilage of the thyroid gland and is parallel to the body. That mark is caused by an assassin who created it from strangling the victim until he was unconscious. Due to the deceased struggling with all his might, the skin around the imprint of the ligature is peeled off with hemorrhage under the skin. This ligature mark is deep and clear, almost appeared to be completely black. As for the other mark, it was caused by the assassin who hanged the victim on the beam of the roof. Since the deceased was already unconscious at that time, the mark is more shallow and light in color. In addition, the cervical bones are clearly broken because his neck was wrung by something with a strong and violent force.”

Lou Xiyan entered the prison and carefully examined the deceased’s neck. It was as Zhuo Qing has said, the two ligature marks were completely obvious with one deep and the other shallow.

Wu Zhigang was extremely unwilling and could only resentfully followed after Lou Xiyan. He ferociously glared at Wang Bingsheng and inwardly cursed. ‘This idiot! When all is said and done, who is the coroner now?!’

When Wang Bingsheng received Wu Zhigang’s glare, he immediately recovered his spirit. It was no wonder that this youngster was so much arrogant. He originally had some abilities. Wang Bingsheng pondered really hard and aggressively refuted, “If he was strangled, there should have been a trace of strangling on the back of the neck. The back of his neck obviously doesn’t have anything! As for the depth of two ligature marks, it wasn’t much different. Also, it was probably caused by the deceased’s struggled when he was at death’s door!”

“Take off his upper outer garment.” Zhuo Qing spoke very softly, but it seemed like she was enduring something silently. Mo Bai slowly raised his head and only saw Zhuo Qing’s clenched fist relaxed once and then clenched tightly again. After repeating these movements several times, she finally stood up. In the face of the provocative Wang Bingsheng, she coldly said, “You are absolutely not worthy of being a coroner!”

Wang Bingsheng violently raged. “What did you say?!” He worked as a coroner for so many years at Ying Tian office and did countless autopsies. This youngster thought because he understood some things, he dared to say to him that he didn’t deserve to be a coroner!

“As a coroner, you are the sole advocate of the deceased as he used his body to tell you from what he died! When he died and what he experienced before he died! And you! You completely ignore it. You didn’t even carefully examined every single wounds and every single details on the dead body and just made an arbitrary conclusion. Because of your words, he may died from an obscure death and the murderer will also be unfettered and beyond the law!”

She was quite tolerant towards inexperienced forensic investigators as knowledge and experience could be learned and accumulated. However, she couldn’t stand forensic investigators who were undisciplined, skimped on their works and still quibbled strongly!

The undisturbed and cold voice echoed inside the prison. Not only did Wang Bingsheng blushed from the words until his ears redden, Lou Xiyan’s heart was also shaken. At this instant, the youth that he saw yesterday was completely different from the current one. When he first saw him, he was cold, proud and somewhat crafty. Now, he had unswerving determination, stubborn, cool-headed as well as profound. ‘Was he really the same ten and something years old youngster from yesterday? It’s really hard to believe.’ Lou Xiyan was doubtful.

“Husband…” Instantaneously, the prison became quiet which somewhat frightened people. The silence was broken by the mournful wailings that let everyone recovered their spirit. Mo Bai had already take off Lin Bokang’s clothes. On his chest, there was numerous big and small bruises. Some were already healed, others recently formed a scab. Although all of them were old wounds, at this moment, they appeared as sinister as they were before.

Madam Lin practically threw herself on her husband’s body. She was choke with sobs. Zhuo Qing softly said, “Wu Si, support her to the side, so she will not hinder me.”

“Oh!” Wu Si hurriedly went up and took Madam Lin to the side. Miss Zhuo became somewhat different, but he couldn’t see what was different, but her words always made it difficult for people to disobey.

She no longer paid attention to Wang Bingsheng who was standing on the side, ashamed and unable to show his face.  Once again, she crouched and lightly pushed on the deceased’s shoulder. Mo Bai understood clearly and conveniently help her turned the body on the side. Zhuo Qing lightly raised an eyebrow. ‘Very smart, he’s very suitable to be made into an assistant!’

“As for the reason why strangulation imprint didn’t intersect on the neck is because someone held something solid behind his back. By using a physical force to tighten the belt, it lead to suffocation. It also results into the deceased’s back showing traces of the hard object.”

Sure enough, two purple colored marks were shockingly displayed on Lin Bokang’s back and its were clearly different from the old injuries. The two bruises’ color had darken. Furthermore, the skin was damaged and the wound was very new.

‘What is the object that managed to cause that?!’ Everyone scattered all over the place to look for the murder weapon. Lou Xiyan took the lead and walked next to the prison door. He partially squatted down without knowing what he was looking for.

Wu Zhigang did not understand what Chancellor Lou was up to. So, for quite a while, he compared the two bruises on the deceased’s back with the prison cell’s wooden pole, regardless of whether it was the dimension or the thickness, everything was identical. He pleasantly shouted in surprise, “I found it. It’s the prison’s door wooden poles.!”

After feeling the wooden pole for a while, Lou Xiyan lightly lifted the corner of his mouth. He slowly got up. He also found it.

As if she was waiting for him, Zhuo Qing turned away from him and went to the deceased and lifted up his fingers and said, “The deceased was strangled by someone on the other side of the door until he was unconscious. Since he spared no effort to struggle, on his fingertips, there are remains of sawdust.”

Both their gazes met. Zhuo Qing pulled down the brim of her hat. Once again, she obstructed Lou Xiyan inquiring eyes.

Wu Zhigang nodded his head in a manner to say he clearly understood. “As to speak, Lin Bokang was indeed kill by someone!!” He turned his head and glared at the young bailiff. He asked, “Who else entered the prison cell today?”

Using all his strength to think and, then, thought again, the young bailiff scowled his face miserably and replied, “Apart from us coming to bring out the criminal, there wasn’t anyone else who enter the prison.”

“Nonsense!” Wu Zhigang rained cursed on the bailiff. “If no one entered then how did someone kill him?”

‘There truly is no one else!’ The young bailiff was bitterly unable to say those words. He could only lowered his head from the scolding.

“Because the deceased was already dead since last night!” Zhuo Qing shook her head. Couldn’t they just listen to her words to reinvestigate the case? This kind of customs truly made people annoyed!

“Last night?”

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