The Kindhearted Reaper (善良的死神)

Author : Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少)

Novel status : Complete

Translation status : Dropped (another group is actively translating it)


A little thief, the simple-minded and kindhearted Ah Dai, stole once from the powerful alchemist Gliss (GeLiSi 哥里斯) in order to reach his quota. Ah Dai’s fate changed from that moment, his fate leaded him to save the life of the top assassin on the continent, the best assassin in order to accomplish his revenge, he forced Ah Dai to follow him in a remote village, where he wholeheartedly trained Ah Dai, together with the assassin will Ah Dai transforms into a demon?

The blood sun in the sky, evil is coming out, rain of blood will pour on the world, it shall become a calamity, on the eve of the thousand years calamity descending on the continent, who will be it savior?

Good and evil intertwined, Light and Darkness combined, Phoenix’s blood drawn, to overcome layer upon layer of obstacles, Dragon’s blood bonded, love as an eternity.

Raws :

Prologue (chapter one to eight)

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