Honorable Sage (诸子摆驾)

Author : Ling Shu (灵枢)

Novel status : Ongoing

Translation status : Dropped (Even the title is mistranslated, so, not thinking about translating it any further)


Jin Lulu, a foolish young woman, was sent to another world after she was hit by a truck. She didn’t even have time to feel pleased with her rebirth, that, right away, she was hit by a plight that makes her tears flows : the nothing-good-about-bastard husband, in contrast, to the big weak spirit son, a two-faced not-even-human partner (swine teammate) …….with all kind of pressures (….) a certain woman decide to sing to free herself from servitude and built a business empire.

(I will modified the last part of the synopsis if I ever find a more accurate way to translate it since I got one hell of a time trying to make sense out of the last part of the summary.)

Raws : http://www.lcread.com/bookPage/275866/index.html

First arc : Chang Ning’s First Chance (昌宁初遇) [chapters 1 to 96]

Chapter 1 : [Translation progress: 25%] part A – part B – part C – part D

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