Honorable Sage chapter 1A

Here’s the first part of the chapter I have been pouring effort into translating despite little knowledge I have of the language at that time. I just hope I didn’t butchered it to the point the story got modify. It’s pretty hard translating with accuracy when you’re not sure if you got the right meaning of the sentence.


Volume One : Chang Ning’s first chance (昌宁初遇 )

Chapter 1 : 重生之初 The Rebirth

Who have Jin Lulu’s misfortune? Who can dare to compare with Jin Lulu’s misfortune when it undoubtedly follows her around?

“Please be merciful, let me go. I’m really not your wife.”

Inside the room permeated with the bitter scent of medicine, there was a woman kneeling over the bed and weeping, on the opposite side of the woman, there was two men standing. One of them slightly showed signs of pity while the other’s face was inexpressive and cold. This was the state Jin Lulu was in when her husband, Ji Yuanxi, came to pick her.

Quickly, one month has passed since Jin Lulu was held captive in this house. While waiting for a chance to escape, she also fake a sad appearance for the current situation.

She wipes her tears in one hand and secretly steals a glance at her suppose-to-be-husband, a young 30-years-old man, in the prime time of age, who unexpectedly didn’t have the bright and cheerful disposition of someone in the prime of his age, instead he was enveloped by an aura of death and gloominess.

Taking a glimpse of Ji Yuanxi’s weeping beauty[1], Jin Lulu was moved and can’t help but stop crying for a moment. After snapping out of her momentary distraction, she let out a louder weeping sound.

Ji Yuanxi frowns, he shouts in a low tone : “Cease that crying!”

Jin Lulu’s cry didn’t stop, instead the cry became “mild and incessant”.

“Big brother[2], Big brother, i’m really not your wife, just let me go. waah!”

She almost angrily blurted out “Big brother, Big brother, you can bark?”, the art of fake crying is not like an elastic that can be easily extend. To be able to use tears as a weapon, there is a need to practice it until we master it. When I think back to those days….sigh! First of all, a real “man” does not boast about his past achievements[3].

“There is a few things that you should understand, your skills are not what you think it is, there is no need to keep shedding those crocodile tears.” Ji Yuanxi saw through Jin Lulu’s annoying crying. He swung back the sleeve of his gown and walked away.

Jin Lulu was foolish.

“Ah? Don’t leave!” I’m not even done with my crying. “Who said I couldn’t grasp myself at all, let me inform you who I am. How can you leave like this? Big brother, don’t leave!”

It’s very obvious, Ji Yuanxi doesn’t want to hear who Jin Lulu is, it’s similar to not wanting to increase his knowledge with the enumeration of a list of items. His footsteps didn’t stop until he go through the door, until he can’t see Jin Lulu from where he stood did he relax his apathetic and ice-cold face, in one instant the frail expression was replace, this is merely one of his skills, into a manly and serious face before he left.

Jin Lulu return to sit on the flowery bed in disappointment. (The description of the bed has been forever lost in the translations since I can’t find the english words to match the description.)

Ever since she woke up a month ago, she was forbidden to leave this Manchu room filled with the bitter smell of medicine, her mental capacity has been worn out to nothingness, there’s nothing else to do but to lie down on the bed and sleep like the dead. After her brain is back to normal, she could jumped around and run away, she can persuade her servant girl and butler, who are persistantly standing outside of the door, to let her go out.

[1] In the original text, it was written 梨花带雨 (li hua dai yu). It’s some kind of comparison with the beauty of the pear flowers in the rain and sad beauties. I google images with the chinese characters and I got a ratio of one pictures of the flowers in the rain and one beautiful girl crying or sad.

[2] As you might suspect, it’s like the male version of saying ‘miss’ instead of ‘mrs’. It’s just her trying to butter up Ji Yuanxi by using a familiar yet respectful words.

[3] It’s a chinese idiom that said that modesty is a man’s virtue. (And Woman’s virtue in those time was obedience. It’s kind of like a world wide mentality in patriarch society, no?)

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