Update on status and two chapters

It’s been a year and I haven’t made much progress on translating Zhu zai bai jia. I found it exceedingly hard to translate because of the vocabulary and terms used in there. It was more demotivating trying to translate a single sentence because I had to spend hours without getting anywhere, except getting more confuse. It was a nightmare and my mind had been scarred by it, which made me feel reluctant to look at the first chapter. So, I’m putting the project on hold until i have better skills and I heal from it. I have quite a delicate mind if you want to know.

I still have the first 25% of the chapter translated, so here’s Zhu zai bai jia first chapter part A with this, the project is, now, officially on hold. I’ll probably retranslate part A when I’ll pick it up again since lots of sentences felt weird.

Finally, it’s time to unveiled a new project i found easier to translate despite the length of some chapters. It’s already complete with 200 and so chapters. It hails from the fantasy genre and written in 2005 by the author of Douluo Dalu and Child of Light, Tang Jia San Shao, also known as the King of web novels. *drums roll*

I presented to you the first chapter of The Kindhearted Reaper.

It took me a while to translate, but it was better than the first project. At least, I can translate 2-3 paragraphs in 3 hours instead of 2-3 sentences. IMO, Tang Jia San Shao was surely on ginseng energy drinks or consumed some kind of forbidden pill when he wrote the first chapter. It’s horrifyingly lengthly with around 11,000 + of characters from the infos on Qidian’s website.

So, this will be the translation project that i’ll be working on steadily. You can check the summary in the Project page.

Please do take note that I won’t be able to dish out more than 1 chapter per week and sometimes, it will be 1 chapter per month since work and my lack of mastery in chinese will not fasten the translations. For now, I’ll be able to put out one chapter per week until I announced a different schedule in a future post.

Also, if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes or mistranslations, do tell me. I’m a lone and novice translator with no proofreader, so I might not be able to correct the translations perfectly or, sometimes, I could misinterpret sentences.

With this, have a good night everyone.