AR: CDM Prologue




The night was quiet. Under the bright and cold moonlight, houses and buildings, covered in ever growing moss and marked by rust underneath, were clearly illuminated. Ruined and destroyed walls littered everywhere the eyes laid.

At this moment, the dark purple figure of a mangled monster lurched out from behind a corner.


It wasn’t alone. From their mouths came the howling of a beast which wants to utterly destroy this world until only nothingness remained.

At the corner of a desert street stood a dilapidated hotel with an extremely shabby signboard that had long fell down. A gloomy and depressing atmosphere shrouded the place.

Within one of the hotel room hid two women. One of the woman had a large protruding abdomen and wore sport clothes splashed by black blood. In the dim light, her traits were unclear, but she appeared to be extremely afraid. She was leaning on the windows while her eyes were riveted on a slender woman wearing dirty black leather clothes.

The slender woman was tying her hair into a ponytail, but her head was still soaked in the blood of the zombies she killed at the risk of her life. It made her seemed exceptionally filthy. At this time, even her pretty face wasn’t spared by the unbearable filth. A trace of disgust and disdain flashed through the other woman’s eyes.

Yet, she meekly expressed her gratitude. “Thank you very much for saving me and thank you for finding my husband!” While she spoke, she cautiously walked toward the slender woman. Her hand slowly pulled out something from under her clothes. A cold light clearly flashed as the object reflected the moonlight. The woman’s eyes revealed a severe expression which was in complete disharmony with the weak facade she displayed.

Even when she heard the meek expression of gratitude coming from behind her, Bai Ling remained expressionless. Why did she rescue that woman?

Bai Ling’s eyes became empty as she appeared to recall a memory so long in the past. There was once a time, when her little sister also had that kind of appearance and in her videos, she was showing a radiant smile while talking about her child.

Sadness and grieve flit across her bright eyes. It was only a year ago… She only wanted to shut her eyes and go back to those days. She tightly clenched her fists as tears streamed down her face.

She regretted… regretted her own inability at that time. If it wasn’t because of that, why would she helplessly watched them die in such a tragic way in front of her and not even being able to collect their remains?

For what reason only she remained while all her dear ones died?! Why was she the only one who survived?

Bai Ling felt that Heaven was unfair. What’s that about good people will have a good life? This is complete bullshit!

She took in a deep breath to readjust her mood because it wasn’t the time to things about such things right now. Suddenly, before she could regained her composure, a shhunnt! was heard, followed by a searing heart pain. Her tear-filled eyes abruptly widened open. She slightly turned around and discovered that the meek pregnant was no more, her inoffensive face had been replaced by a beautiful and alluring one that held a brash and proud impression. And those eyes of hers were suffused with ruthlessness.

Bai Ling slowly lowered her head just in time to see the cold glint of a sharp knife stained with her blood pulled out from the left side of her thoracic cavity. In an instant, the pain spread throughout her body as an oppressive sensation gripped her, causing her heart to throb painfully.

Hahaha! She got careless.

“Why?” Bai Ling had the urge to laugh at her stupidity.

Shhunnnt! The word left her lips, but the answer she received was a stab in the abdomen, making her blood flowed out like water, spraying the whole face of the pregnant woman in front of her. More than the zombies who had lost their humanity, her blood had baptized that woman into something much more sinister and terrifying.

Step by step, the pregnant woman approached Bai Ling, who was at death’s door. Her mouth was pulled into a smile. “Why? Of course, it’s for me and my child!”

Bai Ling was agonizing. Since she was a metahuman who used fire, she was aware that her body was growing cold and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Quite laughable words coming from a woman that she didn’t know nor remembered meeting before. Since she didn’t know her, the thoughts of hurting her and her child had never crossed her mind.

As expected, she shouldn’t trust anyone in the apocalypse and especially not a woman who could still survive after year and bore a child. Despite the weak body, her heart compensated in viciousness. Otherwise, how could she be able to survive in a world where humanity was on the losing end?

Bai Ling spit out a mouthful of blood as her body staggered and followed gravity. As she fell, the dark ceiling that entered her vision swayed and distorted, and like in a dream, she saw the figure of her maternal grandmother smiling kindly at her while carrying a child version of her little sister who waved at her. Next to them, her young uncle was also smiling while saying something to her.

Her situation was hopelessly grim, but unexpectedly, Bai Lin’s heart was peaceful. She didn’t hate it. Hahaha! She really didn’t hate what she saw. Her hand stretched in an attempt to reach her grandmother, her little sister and her uncle.

“This is also good. Hehehe! Finally, I can be reunited with everyone!” In the end, her body lifelessly slumped down.

The pregnant didn’t anticipate that Bai Ling could still smile as death befell her. As she looked at Bai Lin ultimately closed her eyes and the pure and peaceful smiling expression etched on her mouth forever, her heart gave birth to a trace of anger. How can she look so happy?

The pregnant woman speedily left while still wearing a malevolent expression. She grabbed Bai Ling and viciously threw her out of the window. A cold glint flashed through her eyes. “Since you’re dead, It’s best if nothing remains of you!”

Not far away from there, a pitched black with violet glint monster got a whiff of a delicious meal. Grrrr! With an outstanding speed, like a cheetah leaping at its prey, it dashed toward the shabby hotel.

Standing upstairs with a victorious hung on her lips, the pregnant woman watched the crowd of sickening monsters teared apart Bai Ling’s corpse, mangling her body beyond recognition. Too bad, she could no longer feel pain. The pregnant woman narrowed her beautiful eyes as she thought, ‘Humph! This is letting that woman off too lightly.’

Then, from her chest pocket, she took out a photo. In the picture, two people with radiant smiles could be seen. Moreover, they appeared quite close with each other. Behind them, stood erect the building of a university. The girl in the photo was none other than a younger version of a the beautiful and fair Bai Ling.

But the fingers of the pregnant woman was affectionately stroking the face the handsome and tall figure of the young men next to Bai Ling. Her face stretched into a happy and obsessive smile. “Baby, this time, your father will no longer ran everywhere to search for his so-called ‘wife’. Now, he will definitively marry me!”

She loosen her fingers and the picture slowly fluttered down, dropping into the pool of blood below, where it laid, saturated with Bai Ling’s blood. In the end, only the vague image of the brilliant smile of the young girl in ponytail was left on the photo.

On the streets, people went to and fro as the sunset light peered through the high-rise buildings, elongating their shadow on the endless stream of cars. It was rush hour. At an intersection, a group of people were waiting for the red light to turn green.

Among them, stood a girl in checked pattern shirt and a casual pants. Her straight hair draped on her shoulders, framing her fair and pretty face. She was holding a notebook and appeared absent-minded.

If one was to carefully examine her, the girl was the ponytail girl in the picture.


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