AR: CDM Chapter 24



Chapter 24 – Our Business Is Done


Bai Xiaoxi acted all affectionate, but Bai Ling didn’t buy it. She took the suitcase of ammunition and strode toward the exit without a word.

She already saved him several times and he showed her this place. Their business was done. They didn’t owe each other.

Bai Shan had watched their interaction, but from the way the phone was held, she could no longer see her sister’s expression. Therefore, she had no idea what thoughts ran through her sister’s mind. She could only watch the situation turned cold with a lost expression. She didn’t know how she could comfort that boy who she had considered as her little brother.

Bai Ling had made her decision. In the apocalypse, power didn’t come with numbers. On the contrary, the more people there were in a group, the more cumbersome it could get. A useless person was a burden and slimmed down the chance of survival to another. This was her truth regardless how other argued otherwise. Yet, she could make an exception for her family as she didn’t care if they could get powerful later or not. Her desire to protect them had been etched into her and defined her.

Bai Xiaoxi didn’t expect Bai Ling would not turn around or be the slightest sentimental. She didn’t slow down. He looked at the place filled with weapons, but it had lost its appeal to him. He quickly grabbed another suitcase of ammunition and chased after Bai Ling.

When he came out, he saw Bai Ling got her hand on a towing vehicle from who knows where. He rushed out and gave her a hand with enthusiast. He buttered up to her, “Big Sis, let me help you!”

“I can do it myself!” Bai Ling refused coldly. She even accelerated her speed.

Bai Shan heard her sister. She hesitated to say something.

Bai Xiaoxi was determined to stay with Bai Ling. He saw how her usually cold countenance became a blatant indifference. It made him feel stifle at the unfamiliar treatment. He understood instinctively she wasn’t joking.

From the start, she had no intention of bringing him with her.

But he remembered her tears when she was able to reach her family on the phone. Her gentleness at that moment had made an impression on him, especially the tone she used when talking to her family because she treated him completely different.

Most of the things she did were for her family.

Bai Xiaoxi was really fond of her, not to mention of Big Sis Bai Shan. Despite the short time, they knew each other, her gentleness couldn’t be hidden.

He blinked away the welling tears. He felt complicated and sad at Bai Ling’s rejection. No! This wasn’t the result he wanted. It was hard for him to find such a good big sister like Bai Ling, including Bai Shan. In this world rampant with man-eating monsters, they were a rare source of warmth to him. His expression turned into determination. He had to follow her at any cost.

It was night outside. They had just come out, but it didn’t take a few minutes for a few zombies to gather around them. The nearest were four big zombies. The pretty Bai Ling strode to her vehicle with a sword in one hand and pushing a towing vehicle with the other.

A 1,80-meter tall monster pounced on her with his mouth wide opened. She slashed down her sword before it could touch her. Its head was sectioned and the rest of the body collapsed onto the ground.

Her moves were efficient and adept.

A scream ensued the monster’s true death. The scream came from Bai Shan. The camera phone gave her an almost omniscient view of the situation.

She wanted to close her eyes and not look at these horrors, but she forced her herself to watch the bloody scene, staring at the gory zombies.

Her fear didn’t leave her. She clenched her teeth tightly and hugged her baby to find comfort.

As Bai Ling continued toward her vehicle, the sinister zombies fell one after another like flies.


At that moment, Bai Xiaoxi who was trailing behind was ambushed by a female zombie with half her shoulder eaten.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter 😊

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  2. TomboyGirlPlayer says:

    Thanks so much for the translations! I actually saw this last night at 11 but I had to sleep. ;-; But whatever! I woke up first thing in the morning to read this!

    Jeez, so cold, MC! But I understand though… This is the one chance he has to prove himself, so slay that zombie, Bai Xiaoxi!


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