AR: CDM Chapter 22



Chapter 22 – Obtaining the Mysterious Evil Sword


Bai Xiaoxi felt incredibly tired. He panted laboriously, then he turned to Bai Ling to give her a thumbs-up. It now made sense to him why she didn’t fear the monsters roaming outside. Her strength was immense, but even so, this sword was heavy to dead. How could she manage to pull it out?

“Second Sister, our big sister is too awesome!” He didn’t forget to lament to Bai Shan.

If he was to pay a bit of attention, he would notice the blood Bai Ling accidentally dropped onto the sword had now vanished as if it had been absorbed by the sword.

Bai Ling realized she wasn’t the problem, and the sword was astonishingly heavy.

She looked at her slender wrist. Although her strength was currently beyond her previous younger self, it was still far from the time before her death or even compared to when she became a meta-human. It was a good sword despite its heaviness. She might need to wait until she recovered her ante mortem strength for the sword to be useful in combat.

She took a deep breath and walked to the sword once again, preparing herself to pick it up.

However, this time when her hands grabbed onto the hilt to pull it out, to her surprise, she didn’t feel the heaviness. It was light and she could easily pull it out from the marble floor. Unprepared, the strong force she used made her staggered back. Fortunately, her reactions were fast and she could steady herself quickly after taking a step back.

It was unbelievable. She twirled the sword with one hand. It barely weighed anything. In fact, it was five times lighter than the katana. She swung it. Under Bai Ling agile movements, the sword shadow was barely visible.

Why did it become like this? Bai Ling squinted her eyes in confusion. It was only a momentary puzzlement which was replaced by determination as she examined the thin and cold weapon. Regardless of the oddity of the situation, her intuition didn’t warn her of any danger and she felt the sword fit her. Dangers abound in the apocalypse, and a good weapon was a must. This mysterious sword was what she needs!

“Huh? Wasn’t it heavy?” Bai Xiaoxi gawked. His eyeballs seemed as if it was about to pop out of their sockets. It was a fucking heavy sword. It was arduous for even Bai Ling to hold it earlier. How did it suddenly become as light as the katana? Her movements seemed more fluid.

The corner of his mouth twitched. He looked at her as if she was a monster. He couldn’t help expressing his awe.

Bai Shan blinked at the fantastic scene through her phone screen. She also felt how unbelievable it was. Her admiration for her big sister continued to increase, overflowing from her sparkling eyes.

Bai Ling could feel the excitement and admiration of the boy behind her.

She didn’t care if that sword was evil or curse. Anything that could make her stronger and survived the apocalypse was a good thing. As long as she could protect her family and obtained what she desired, making a pact with the devil was not out of question.

She picked up the black sheath, made of unknown wood, amongst the debris which flowed out of the display. She sheathed the sword into it with practiced moves.

Her bearing was forged through numerous years of survival. During that period, she had developed many skills. However, her strong points were her strength and agility. Of course, right now, metahuman was yet an emerging concept. She had to readjust herself in consequence. For now, she had to limit herself to obtaining the strongest weapon until her ability developed.

If it wasn’t because of all that, how could she survive so long by herself in the apocalypse?

In the near future, zombies would evolve into stronger lifeforms which were beyond the current newly mutated humans. When one came across one of those monsters, it was always a battle to the death. Why? Because human flesh, or more specifically metahuman flesh, was an addictive temptation to them. At that time, a metahuman operating alone would often meet with disaster.

When Bai Ling took the mysterious sword, she also picked up the copper-like katana. After examining it for a moment and comparing it to the mysterious sword, she turned to Bai Xiaoxi. “If you don’t need it, I will take it too!”


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  1. Hyena says:

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    Wait a sec, didn’t she only live one year in the apocalypse? How did it suddenly become numerous years of survival X’D


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    Broken link to nedt chapter


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