Chapter 3 – The Shocking Passer-by’s Agility


Bai Ling clenched her hands into fist and raised her head. Her eyes shone with a terrifying look. She wasn’t afraid of the approaching apocalypse. Even if the world became hell, she wasn’t afraid as long as she had them, her kins!

Bai Ling couldn’t help but smiled, then started to laugh, laughed to the point the laptop she held fall to the ground. Crunch! A car just ran on it and crushed it into pieces… But she continued to laugh as if she was possessed and kept repeating, “It’s good, really good…”

The two people who were on the verge of quarrelling earlier saw her; they looked at each other and spoke at the same time, “Is she crazy?”

The other passer-by looked at her, each of them thinking why such a young and nice girl went mad. Is she infected with the GD virus?

Bai Ling noticed the strange gazes everyone gave her. She wiped her tears and concealed the happy expression on her face. Her expression turned incomparably resolute as her fists tightened. Her gaze fixed the TV screen above the plaza again. Although her voice was slightly shaking, it wasn’t small when she stated, “In three hours, the world will end!”

“Fucking crazy!” The other people shook their head. That young girl doesn’t look bad, but unfortunately…

Although nowadays the problems with pollution were grave with the smog problem incessantly expanding and the constant apparition of new multi-resistant bacterias, but the sky was clear and it was rush hour. Did she meant an earthquake or a tsunami? But the apocalypse? Why not say the earth will exploded too?

Bai Ling wasn’t concerned about those people who looked at her like she was an idiot. She gritted her teeth. This time, I must protect their safety even if I die!

There was no much time left. She was in S city and her hometown was a small village near H city in Fengcheng county. She needed to pass through two provinces before reaching it. Each province in China was extremely big, so even if she took a plane, it would still take her at least five to six hours before reaching her destination.

In her previous life, due to the sheer distance and her inexperience against hordes of zombies, it took her many months, supported by willpower alone, as relying on anyone was impossible, before she could finally reach her hometown… just in time to see a horde of zombies break through her village’s defense. She witnessed someone pushed her grandmother into the mass of zombies to give them time to run away!

No matter how fast she rushed there, not even a shreds remained of her grandmother. But due to her impulsiveness, she almost got bite by a zombie and was saved by her uncle in the nick of the time.

She turned around and crossed to the other intersection just as the light turned red. Bai Ling cannot wasted her time here. By the time it took to say two words, she had dashed off.

“Fuck! She wanted to die?!” No one thought that Bai Ling would run like that without stopping. The passer-by and those waiting at the red light widened their eyes.

The amount of cars on the streets wasn’t a joke, but Bai Ling nimbly dashed through the flow of cars without stopping once. Suddenly, a car appeared in front of her as she dashed. Even if the driver hit on the emergency brake, it was already too late.

Everyone widened their eyes, awaiting for the collision to occur, but unexpectedly, the beautiful and slender figure suddenly jumped up, then used her hand to push on the car to propel herself farther. With a good momentum, her jump reached a good 5 meters and in one fell swoop she reached the other intersection!

The frightening scene shocked everyone. Even the driver who was able to brake forgot to yell at her. This person completely defies logic!

“Fuck! What did I just see? Can gymnasts even do that?”

“Did I hallucinate? This is completely impossible!”

“So OP!”

To be able to dash through an endless flow of cars during rush hour was a very dangerous action! And to be able to do it was nothing short of a miracle!



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