Chapter 2 – *crying* I am Alive!


The past events that had once happen reoccurred. To be precise, the majority of humanity would turn into zombies due to the GD virus, even the animals, plants and insects mutated because of the virus. Everything that happened was real. It would become real!

“Grandma, little sister, little nephew, uncle…” Those were the people closest to Bai Ling. Tears filled her eyes and streamed down her face.

Bai Ling’s parents had divorced when she was very young and she lost her mother after her mother collapsed from the pressure given by her social climber father. Thus, at a young age, she and her little sister were raised by their maternal grandmother.

At that time, her maternal family were very poor. Her uncle was only 13 years old, born when their deceased maternal grandfather was at an old age, when they arrived to their grandmother’s house. In order to provide for them, despite having great grades, their uncle dropped out from junior high to help their grandmother earned money.

Her little sister was also a student with good grades. Unfortunately, the household annual revenue was barely 3,000 dollars, which was peanuts compared to nowadays high cost of life, but it was still enough to attend a public elementary school after the cost of living was deducted. As for attending senior high school, how could they afford such hefty admission cost?  

Thus, Bai Ling decided to find work after she completed her junior high and helped her grandma and uncle to make money in order to let her little sister continued school. Nevertheless, she had yet to leave the village to implement her plan when the news reached Bai Shan’s ears. Bai Shan went to obstruct her path and threw a tantrum. She cried and shouted that she would not go to school if her big sister dropped out.

Their grandmother and uncle didn’t think that by wanting both children to have higher education and give them a better future prospects, it would ended up having one of them planning to leave school. Besides, what was the main reason their uncle drop out of school? It was for both sisters to be able to continue their studies. Bai Ling’s uncle really regretted not letting them know about it. Since the situation had come to this point, he firmly lectured Bai Ling. Although the financial state of the family wasn’t great, they weren’t poor to the point they couldn’t afford to send both girls to school.

Bai Ling’s heart was very clear about her family situation, so how could the ever thoughtful and sensible Bai Shan not know about it?

From then on, Bai Shan no longer put much efforts in her studies despite being admonished by her grandmother and uncle, and lectured by Bai Ling. She remained stubborn and only chuckled and said, “Big sis, I don’t like studying. When I looked at the words, my head hurts!”

It was only later that Bai Lin realized that Bai Shan really wanted to study, but gave up for her. Instead, she went out to find work to help the family earn money. Bai Ling was the big sister, but when she heard her little sister said, “Big sis, you don’t need to worry about the money. I can earn it now.” She felt as if she was the little sister instead. Compared to her little sister who was three years younger than her, she didn’t act like a big sister and unexpectedly let her little sister carried her burden.

It was fortunate that she obtained a scholarship which lowered the financial burden of the household. She also worked part-time while studying and full-time during winter and summer vacations, but it was barely enough to pay the tuition of two semesters.

Despite her efforts, although every month the combined salary of three other members of her family wasn’t much, it was much higher than what she earned at her part-time job in the city which caused Bai Ling to feel warm and happy, but at the same time very guilty.

If it wasn’t due to her little sister marrying the one she loved last year and giving birth to a son, Bai Ling would not be able to forgive herself for being a burden for her family.

However, because of them, their uncle was implicated and haven’t marry anyone yet at the age of 32 despite being tall and mighty with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

The only thing worth rejoicing was their life had improved for the better ever since the implementation of news policies targeting rural villages which made their living more prosperous. However… how long could this peaceful life last? The end of the world was coming with its hoard of zombies, mutated plants and animals, and the hostile environment which would endangered humanity’s survival. And Tthey won’t even survived long after the apocalypse came…

It didn’t matter why she had returned to the beginning after living through more than a year into the apocalypse. At present, the disaster have only begun. Perhaps, this is what people called rebirth, but this was a trivial details. Right now, what’s important was her loved ones were still alive!



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