Chapter 1 – This isn’t a dream!


Bai Ling was bewildered. Her vision slowly restored to normal, but the sight of the heavy car traffic, the red neon of the circulation light and the human walking around made her flabbergasted to the point her eyes almost bulged out.

Her bright eyes darted everywhere. Their faces are all normal human face. It can’t be wrong? She wasn’t seeing thing, right?

How can this be? Could it be that this is just a dream? Scenes flashed through her mind. Are those memories real? Even those man-eating zombies, those mutated beasts and insects, the terror and the destruction of the metropolis with the highest human population, are real?

Finally, Bai Ling recalled everything up to her death, even the twisted face of that woman covered in Bai Ling’s blood.

Bai Ling pensively rubbed her chest and abdomen. The remanent of pain made those places ached dully. It seemed like everything had rewinded back to the beginning.

If this was a dream, this dream was very realistic. It was simply too inconceivable. How was it possible for her to have that kind of realistic dream?

But… But if it was a dream… Her grandmother, her uncle, her little sister… Do they exist in this dream? She hastily searched her bag and took out her cellphone, but she abruptly froze.

On her cellphone screen, the date was clearly shown. It’s May 3rd 2018?

Bai Ling suddenly thought of something. She hurriedly turned her head toward the giant television screen above the plaza nearby. The live broadcast shown “2018/05/03 5:35PM”.

May 3rd 2018… If humanity was still striving, people would never forget this day. On this day, the World would experienced a major disaster. It was when the nightmare would begin for humanity.

In an instant, Bai Ling’s eyes were riveted to the screen as if she wanted to imprint it. If her memory served her right, the next segment would report about the outbreak of the GD zombie virus!

She prayed with all her heart that this wasn’t real! I don’t want it to be reality!

Unfortunately, history was unchanging and repeated itself once again, in the same fashion.

Bai Ling’s thought process collapsed as she saw the short segment made by the TV host. “On today’s breaking news, three months since the discovery of the GD virus, scientists had yet to discover the source of infection, its nature and the method of transmission. However, citizens, there’s no need to fear. From the latest news obtained through our S city mayor, the propagation of the virus had been contained to certain level…” Next, the TV host would described the symptoms of people infected with the GD virus. “In the case you have a sudden fever which persists; dilated pupils; whole body stiff; immediately go to the hospital, so you will be promptly treat by the medical staffs!”

Lies! Lies! There’s no antidote to the GD virus, so how can it be control? This was the zombie virus that gave birth to legions of biting and human eating zombies! The virus spread through the zombie’s blood!

Bai Ling hurriedly turned her head to the side to look at a boy wearing a small hat, dressed in hip-hop style and with headphones on. As expected, the boy spat a mouthful of saliva. Spit! The way he spat didn’t have any ounce of civility. He threw back his head like a completely hooligan.

“How can you be so uncivilized and spit everywhere like that?” Bai Ling had quietly spoke, but a girl wearing a part-timer’s small rucksack, who was behind the boy, spoke her words out loud.

“Who are you to tell me what to do? Even the police can’t do anything about me, so what give you the rights to control me?” Bai Ling once again whispered the words and not long after, the overbearing boy spoke the same exact words.

The situation was completely identical to what Bai Ling remembered. It could only reaffirmed the uneasiness she felt in her sinking heart.



One comment on “AR: CDM 1

  1. dacdj says:

    I thought she would reincarnate a month or a few months before the apocalypse, didn’t expect it to be so soon!


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