About the blog

Rotten Translations is a non-professional translation blog which was create with the two mains goals : sharing english translations of some Chinese novels while practicing Chinese reading comprehension. 

About Grenn

I’m a rookie translator that knows more French than English. English is only my third language and Mandarin is my fourth one. I always want to learn mandarin since young, but I never actually had the time, the dedication and the motivation to do so while I was still a student. I found it quite stressing taking another class on top of what I already had and the need to study another thing, getting homework and tests that won’t even be taken into account when I get my diploma.

After graduating, I realized that time will never be on my side to allow me to learn anything be it a new hobby, a new language or many others interesting things. The reason, I work evening/night shift. OTL With that realization, either I do nothing of my life and bury my numerous mundanes dreams or I find another way. The answer, DIY (do it yourself). Self-learning is…painful, but I still did it with Mandarin. Albeit, first year of learning Mandarin was with a private tutor. The following years until now was self-taught through internet and books. It’s been three years since I start learning Mandarin. I still rely heavily on dictionary and my foundation is shaky, but with times, it will get better and so would my translations.

Oh and I apologize for the often weird sentences in the translations.

NUF : Grenn

About Wenhui

Hello everyone, I’m Wenhui, a new translator on this site. Well, I’ve just started translating so if something doesn’t sound quite right please bear with me and point it out.

About Marci

I’m Marci, the editor for SSMD. I hope I catch all the grammatical mistakes in the chapters. But if I don’t, feel free to point them out, so I can wallow in sadness and grief knowing that I have failed… Anyways, I’m glad to join the Rotten Translations team!

NUF username : marci80

About Sleepycatz

Sleepycatz is an enthusiastic reader who loves cat naps and mysteries, also an editor for side-project.

About Tsubaki

Tsubaki is… Tsubaki. 😛 An editor for side-project.


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  1. Woof says:

    I’m really curious, what’s your second language?


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