Small update

Hi everyone,

I’m still searching for an easy and fun novel I would want to translate until the work is complete. I have yet found one, but I do have some potential ones.

Anyway, for now, i’ll probably do teasers chapters of some of them and see how the story progressed. If i’m still hooked on it, i’ll continue translating. If not, it will stay as a teaser.

During February, i’ll work on “I’m waiting for the reincarnated you to grow up” (a tentative title) by the author 项庭生 (Xiang Ting Sheng). The novel is categorized in city/metropolis and rebirth genre. I’m translating as I read, so besides the summary of the novel, I have no idea what the story will be like. You can check out the summary in the teasers page : here.

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