SSMD – Chapter 88

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 88 – Who is the real killer? (2)

He had yet to finish speaking when he was interrupted by Ji Yunhuang, who stated with a light smile, “Sixth Brother, this matter is somewhat related to you. After all, you had a relationship with both Ning Xuemo and Hu Diechang before. Could it be that you don’t want to find out who really killed Hu Diechang?”

Ji Yunhao had been thwarted by him. For a time, he could not find a way to retreat so he could only smile. “Of course this little brother wishes to find out her real killer. However, this little brother really has some urgent matters…”

“Rest assured, it won’t hold you up for too long. It will take at most an hour.”

Since Ji Yunhuang had said this, Ji Yunhao had no other way to get out of it, so he could only agree to follow them.

Naturally, everyone else followed and quickly they reached Wu Palace

There were a few people waiting outside the Palace. They respectfully paid their greetings when they saw the emperor.

Those few were the best coroners in Chang Kong Country…

Their presence was not the strangest thing though. It would be the coffin placed inside the side chamber of Wu Palace…

When Grand Marshal Hu saw the coffin, he was shocked. Suddenly, he walked forward with large strides and opened the coffin. Upon having his suspicions confirmed, his face sank as he fiercely questioned Ji Yunhuang, “Why has Your Highness brought over my daughter’s coffin?!”

When he had left earlier, his daughter’s coffin had been placed inside the mourning hall in his residence!

Ji Yunhuang glanced at him as he simply inquired, “Does the Grand Marshal not want to discover the true circumstances behind your beloved daughter’s death?”

The crown prince’s question shut Grand Marshal Hu’s mouth. He held some fear and trepidation toward this crown prince.

Ji Yunhao looked deeply at Ji Yunhuang. He did not expect that in such a short amount of time Ji Yunhuang would have so many things secretly arranged.

Did he not return back to his residence shortly after leaving the palace? It seems like he had ordered his people to arrange everything.

Ji Yunhao had sent people to inconspicuously observe the movements in the crown prince’s residence, but unexpectedly, he did not manage to discover that Ji Yunhuang had made so many preparations!

And looking at Imperial Father’s expression, it seems like he has not been informed either…’

‘It looks like Third Brother’s influence is really deep.’

Ji Yunhao’s face slightly paled His fingers which were hidden in his long sleeves, were clenched to the point that his joints turned white. Though he felt uneasy, he could not say anything.

His gaze wandered. Suddenly, it landed on the child who accompanied Ji Yunhuang.

That child’s stature was small, and he stood behind Ji Yunhuang. Ever since he arrived in the Emperor’s study with Ji Yunhuang, he had been quiet and had followed all the customs. That child’s sense of presence was very weak, like he was invisible, causing people to almost not take any notice of him.

At first, Ji Yunhao also did not pay any attention to him. However, his heart suddenly shook a bit as he faintly felt a sense of familiarity towards this child. But, he was not able to figure out where he had seen this child before…

Ji Yunhuang often had some strange people accompanying him. Adding to Ji Yunhao’s current restlessness, he merely looked at the child for a while, and after not being able to think of where he had seen this child before, Ji Yunhao tore his gaze away.

The little boy Ji Yunyao was looking at had always had his head slightly lowered. As if he felt Ji Yunhao’s gaze leaving, the corner of his lips raised slightly into a faint smile as if he was laughing at Ji Yunhao, but it was difficult to know if that was a mocking smile or not…

Ji Yunhao looked at that coffin, and his brows furrowed. “You brought Miss Hu’s dignified body out in front of so many people? Third Brother, you were a bit too reckless this time.”

Ji Yunhuang’s tone remained light. “This case concerns someone’s death and has also implicated the young lady of the Marquis Jingyuan’s House. Naturally, this matter is not a small one. If this case is not carefully investigated, how can this be doing justice to Marquis Ning’s deceased spirit? How would the Imperial Family be able to keep the trust of the common people then?”

These words rendered Ji Yunhao speechless.

Emperor Le Xuan tried to smooth things over. “Since this matter concerns the truth surrounding Miss Hu’s death, I’m sure that the Grand Marshal will forgive this. Huang’er, where is the evidence you spoke of?”

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