SSMD – Chapter 18

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Grenn

TL checked & edited by Wenhui

Chapter 18 – Disciplining a loathsome relative

After the death of Marquis Jingyuan and his wife, not only did their relatives not remember the general’s benevolence, they even threw stones at someone who was already down. They found all kinds of reason to come to the mansion and took off with everything that was valuable until nothing was left.

The previous Ning Xuemo was only a little child. She was bullied by them and no one attempted to help her out of her predicament. Towards these people, she was always fearful and, at the same time, she hated them. Unfortunately, she had no method to protect herself from their evil conduct.

When it came to fighting over valuable things, among these relatives, the Second Madam was the most overbearing.

There was one time when Ning Xuemo was able to obstruct her a bit, she was then rewarded with several angry slaps that made her face swollen for a few days.

In less than a year, Marquis Jingyuan’s house became extremely destitute, even the flowers in the garden were nearly all plucked by them. Since then, the Second Madam didn’t come as often.

It has already been half a year since someone last visited and she didn’t expected that this time the Second Madam would be the one coming.

When Ning Xuemo met with misfortune and was confined in the iron cage, not even one hair of these relatives could be seen. Each and every one of them hated that they were unable to go to the end of the world to hide.

They probably heard that, right now, she had obtain a 1000 taels of gold and, like flies that had smell the fumes of dung, they arrogantly came flying at her.

It was clear they planned to get their hand the gold.

Ning Xuemo flatly revealed her aim and made the Second Madam unable to keep her face. Her face sank and she said, “Xuemo, tell me what happen to you yesterday? Aunt heard that you suffered a grievance. I hurriedly came to look for you. How can you considered my good intentions as ill-intent?”

Ning Xuemo sneered. “Second Madam, every time you visited me with ‘good intentions’, it’s always for something. You are welcome to go. Last time, you even tried to carry away an armchair, even though your stature was so skinny, you still somehow managed to no get crushed under it…”

The Second Madam’s slim face turned red from the sharp sarcasm in her voice and her eyebrows rose. “Girl, is this how you speak to your elder?! You are so undisciplined and out of control! As expected from someone whom parents died early, no education at all! This old lady is going to replace your parents and give you some discipline! I’ll let you understand some propriety!” Her figure rapidly pounced at Ning Xuemo.

She possessed some skills and had reach level two of psychokinesis. With her strength, she could easily outmatch several ordinary strong men.

She also gave birth to a daughter who had an innate level three psychokinesis. Her daughter was able to enter the third biggest sect, Feng Yun Sect, as an outer sect disciple. She was therefore even more insufferably arrogant and her behavior was practically unrestrained in the family.

Of course, she used to bully Ning Xuemo too. She just beat Xuemo for every little things. She frequently beat Ning Xuemo until she was badly battered. What more no one took care of Xuemo afterwards.

Therefore, this time, Ning Xuemo refuted the Second Madam a bit and the Second Madam already revealed her inherent qualities as a shrew. Her arms made a circular motion as she sent her palms towards Ning Xuemo. She wanted to grab this smelly girl and beat her up and, then, snatched away the gold in the chest.

Two thousands taels of gold was less heavy than 100 kilograms. She could carry it!

She must quickly snatched the gold and left. Otherwise, if she waited too long, her other relatives would hear the news and come here running. She didn’t want to share her earnings.

Because she was holding to those thoughts, the movements of her palms were particularly fierce as she applied almost all of her strength in the slap.

If Ning Xuemo was actually hit by her, it was very likely she would immediately be sent flying and, even if she didn’t die on the spot, she would still be half-dead!

‘This woman… In order to get the gold, she go as far as to use such heavy hand!’

The old servant, uncle Zhong, cried out in alarm. He wanted to go save his Miss, but his legs and feet weren’t agile and, also, there wasn’t enough time!

Pah! Pah! A crisp and resounding clapping sound was heard. A figure was directly sent flying and knocked heavily on the pillar beside them with a loud Bang! A loud scream of pain was heard as the body fell and hit the floor.

Old Zhong was scared witless from what he saw. He couldn’t stop his eyes from widening.

Unexpectedly, the person who was send flying wasn’t his Miss, but the Second Madam!

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