Mid-April’s releases and random things

Hello everyone,

It’s already the second monday of the month! Time sure flies.

First, let’s start off with a few announcements and then, it will be time for a new batch of translated chapters to help ease the monday blues.

  1. Record of Washed Grievances is still going to be translate at a steady pace even if Sian’s translations on Nutty’s blog are farther.
  2. For the next two or three months, I have no intention on picking up a new project or working on another translations projects/teasers since it would distracted me too much from translating at a decent speed MCIF at Radiant Translations and RoWG.
  3. After two or three months, depending on how far I am with RoWG’s translations, I might pick up second official project. I’ve yet settle to a specific novel since it will depend if it would be pick up or not by someone else at that time. Feel free to suggest something.

Mid-April’s releases :

RoWG Chapter 12

RoWG Chapter 13

RoWG Chapter 14

RoWG Chapter 15

That’s all for this time.

See you guys at the end of the month.

5 comments on “Mid-April’s releases and random things

  1. Sian says:

    Hi Grenn, it’s Sian, your fellow translator of RoWG. Hehehe… It’s interesting reading your note in chapter 15 about Shan/Dan Yu Lan’s last name. 👍 I actually used Shan first in my translation for his last name but when I read book 3, his name was mentioned as Dan Yu Lan so I asked the translator whether it was Shan or Dan. She said it should be Dan. I also asked another Chinese friend of mine about this last name & she also said it was Dan so I decided to change his name to Dan Yu Lan. How far along have you read the book?


    • Grenn says:

      Hey Sian! How are you? I translate as I read, so I haven’t finish book one yet. XD As you can see, I follow the dictionary, but I do believe referring to Chinese friends is as valid. We should exchange contact though. 🙂


      • Sian says:

        You can see my email, right? You’re more than welcome to email me directly. I also translate as I read the chapter. I’m only done translating up to chapter 29 & will start reading chapter 30 soon.


  2. Jona says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!


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