Zhuzi bai jia (诸子摆驾)

As the title implied, Zhuzi bai jia (诸子摆驾) will be my first translation’s project.

As for why I would pick this title instead of another one? Well, the image for the online novel looks funny. You can check it out here : http://www.lcread.com/bookPage/275866/index.html

Now, even before I get to start working on the first chapter, I tried to translate the title and here’s the result of a few hours of racking my brain thinking and searching around the world wide web :

Zhuzi bai jia (诸子摆驾) – The Honorable Sage

This is not a literal translation. I couldn’t even make a better sense out of the 摆 (bai) 驾 (jia) without making the title turns into something weird. I mean I could translate it like «Sage exhibits good self(in a polite form)».

Since i’m not a native chinese, if this is an idiom or expression than i just killed it.

Anyway, let’s look forward to the story!

3 comments on “Zhuzi bai jia (诸子摆驾)

  1. frodfy says:

    the reason why the title looks weird it’s because the author is making a parody changing the last two characters. which sound the same except with other tones…
    I noticed you made a mistake translating the synopsis hundan (bastard/not weak spirit)
    For this novel you should search in a pinyin dictionary without putting the tones
    And since it’s making a parody of the hundred schools of thought I imagine they will be a lot of deform parody-like chengyu
    I know you dropped it but just so you knew


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